Back to Basics 

Module 1 - Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Mind, Body & Spirit

We are all Super Human, the goal here is to facilitate your Intrinsic Self discovery - so that you may come to Understand and Know  your true Potency

We will accomplish this by maximizing your Capacity through Effort.

Before we can focus on maximizing our Human Potency, we must first do some house cleaning. Nurturing the Mind, Body, & Spirit (MBS) is anongoing endeavor. The act of properly balancing  our MBS will never be a one-size-fits all application, and we must expect the balance to shift throughout the course of our lives. 

Back-to-Basics Fundamentals

Mind: The human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination. (Miller-Kean, 2003)


Body: The material part of a human, as distinguished from the mind and spirit. (Farlex, 2012)


Spirit: The life force or central energy within an organism, manifested in humans as the self-expression of the individual. (Segen, 2011)


The Research 

It should be no surprise that there exists a balance within us. A balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Each of us being balanced differently, yet similarly in the notion that we each need to continuously revisit the balance within ourselves. For the Sup-H program I have focused on: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Meditation/Reflection, Continual Learning, and Positive Thought as the pillars or tenets providing balance within the MBS.   

In recent studies, "exercise of the body has demonstrated to not only help aid in depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and arthritis, but also beneficially affecting 400 genes" (Berstein & Bullock, 2018). These genes being responsible for the health and energy on the cellular level. 

In other research it has been noted how "certain dietary components can influence risk of depression, and risk of cognitive impairment and cognitive decline. Evidence... points strongly to the involvement of cerebrovascular disease and associations with atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes and hypertension" (Rogers, 2001)

According to findings conducted through the University of Missouri, "despite differences in rituals and beliefs among the world's major religions, spirituality often enhances health regardless of a person's faith" (Missouri-Columbia, 2012).

Studies in these areas are extremely rich, and readily accessible to anyone. This Back-to-Basics module provides many tools and real-time educational articles, journals, and studies to aid in the betterment and balance of ones fundamental whole-self. I recommend that you use the Downloadable Guide to help guide you towards learning your own balance. Without the Guide - this site probably wont make sense!

Once you feel re-invigorated with your most Back-to-Basics needs, its time to move on to Next Level Stuff.  

Use the Back-to-Basics PDF to help guide you through each of the Fundamental Tenets:
Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Mind-Balance, Learning, and Affirmation
[P]otency  = [C]apacity ([E]ffort)

"the power and influence that a person, action, or idea has to affect or change people's lives..." (Collins,2020)

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