Next Level Stuff 

Module 2 : Self-Awareness, Being Present, Empathy
The clarity of our reality is in relation to our lens 

Since completing Module One: a focus on the Mind, Body & Spirit – you should by now have the knowledge and resources available to function at healthy level. This next Module is aimed at taking the next step, building off of your newly refined well-rounded foundation. In this section we will be looking at our strengths, abundant personality traits, being present in the moment and empathy.  

By the end of “Next Level Stuff” – you will have not only refined yourself for the best: Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Mind-Health & Psychological Resilience; but will have identified your personal Strengths, Personality Traits, and a means for identifying and understanding the personalities of those around you. These stages - culminating into the identification and understanding of your inherent self. You will be PRIMED to serve humanity through your inherent self fueling your POTENCY with the tools and knowledge provided in the final Module - Super Human.      

In Understanding Those Around You - It's Best to FirstUnderstand Yourself

Use the "Next-Level Stuff" PDF to help guide you through each of the Fundamentals:
Personality, Reflective Best Self, EQ & Empathy, and Mindful Presence




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