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You made it!  Bringing it all together - we started through fine tuning our bodies in Module One. We analyzed our sleep patterns and habits, making adjustments to have been getting the best sleep possible; re-energized ourselves through what we eat and when we eat it - paired with the appropriate levels of H2O and exercise; and finally, bringing it together with balancing our minds through positive thought, mindfulness and a focus on continual learning. 

In Module Two, we focused on WHO  you are, and the lens' in which you perceive your reality. You took multiple surveys aimed to get you to understand what personality traits are dominant, and how other people may interact with those traits. We discovered how those we trust perceive us and our strengths. We took these two different parings of knowledge and advanced into our Emotional Intelligence, underlying Biases, and gleaned tools on how to improve our Empathy towards others and ourselves. Finally, hitting home the importance of Mindfulness once again so we may be present in the moment enabling us to utilize and put into practice all of the Module Two Tenets. 

The Last Module: SUPER HUMANis simply a tool-set of knowledge for advancing and benefiting the citizenry. We focus on how to best protect & provide aid to yourself, your loved ones, and to total strangers. This final Module is a reference tool, and should be looked at as a guide to building a mental plan for overcoming some of life's challenges. Some of the mental plans are fairly basic, i.e setting up evacuation plans and routes for your home. While others are more obscure and much less likely to be needed, but you would have at least thought about it - if the situation ever took place. For instance if you accidentally drove off a bridge... Yikes.

I believe that mental exercises can prepare us for action. Rather than being frozen in the moment when a gunmen begins firing in the movie theater, if a vehicle caches on fire next to you, if your friend starts choking at the dinner table, or someone you know is having suicidal tendencies - having thought about these scenarios, and what you would/could do to assist or protect yourself and others, gives you a leg up in the environment.

If you or someone near you were put into a situation of life/death and/or serious injury/harm - what is your Super Human Potency?



"is the power and influence that a person, action, or idea has to affect or change people's lives, feelings, or beliefs." (Collins,2020)


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